To protect and preserve the Club's name and our other intellectual property rights for future generations, it is extremely important that our intellectual property rights are used properly and that any unauthorised use is stopped.

This manual is a guide to the correct use of our trade marks, copyright works and other intellectual property rights.


Brand Protection

We take very seriously our duty to protect and preserve the history and heritage of Newcastle United Football Club.


The Club's name and our crest are our most important intellectual property rights and the Club will not tolerate any unauthorised use of either of them.


Making and selling counterfeit goods is illegal. Fake football shirts, for example, are known to be made with poor quality, sometimes harmful, materials, often in dangerous working conditions, with many documented cases reporting the use of child labour.


Buying fake goods supports criminals which exploit such vulnerable people and helps finance other criminal activity, ranging from drug trafficking, to prostitution, to people trafficking, to terrorism.


We work very closely with the Police, Trading Standards and Customs Officers to ensure that illegal goods are seized and destroyed and that the counterfeiters are arrested and prosecuted to the full extent possible.
Recent seizures have included fake football shirts, retro shirts, t-shirts, scarves, caps, key rings, pin badges, clocks, car stickers, mugs, lighters and iPhone covers.


Every fan has a role to play in tackling this problem.


If you see anything on eBay, for example, or are offered anything outside the stadium on a match day which you think may be a counterfeit Newcastle United product, or have any information relating to suspected counterfeit Newcastle United products, please contact us by using the details at the bottom of this page.


All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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Our Official Licensees

We only licence our intellectual property rights for use with products and services which meet our high quality standards and only with reputable companies.


All our official licensees must ensure that any use or reproduction of any of our trade marks must be in the manner which has been expressly authorised by us and in accordance with our brand use guidelines.


To maintain our high quality standards, licensees are required to provide us with samples of any products or promotional materials which use our trade marks.


We reserve the right to object at any time to any use of our trade marks in connection with any products or services which in our opinion fail to meet our high quality standards.


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Use of Our Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property rights are mainly comprised of trade marks and copyright works.
Trade Marks


Always follow these rules when referring to Newcastle United or when using our trade marks:-


1. Newcastle United Football Company Limited is a company name, often abbreviated to Newcastle United. A company name or business name is a proper noun. Each word in our company name and business name should always appear with an initial capital letter.


2. As well as being a business name, "Newcastle United" is a registered trade mark for a wide range of products and services. A trade mark is an adjective, identifying the source of origin of a product or service. It is not the name of the product itself.


3. You should always distinguish a registered trade mark from the surrounding text by making each word begin with an initial capital letter and using the "®" symbol to indicate that it is a registered trade mark, e.g. Newcastle United®.


4. When a trade mark is used in text, it should be followed by the common generic name for the product in question, e.g. Newcastle United® t-shirts. A good test for proper use is to remove the trade mark from the sentence and see if the sentence still makes sense. If it does not, then you are probably using the trade mark incorrectly.


5. It is not correct to use the "®" symbol when referring to the Club and its day-to-day business. The "®" symbol should only be used when referring to the products we sell.


6. Prominent and proper attribution for our trade marks should appear where appropriate on our promotional and packaging materials as follows:-
"Newcastle United® and the Club's Crest are registered trade marks of Newcastle United Football Company Limited. All rights reserved."


7. Never alter any of our trade marks. Each representation of our current and former crests, as well as all our logos, should be consistent, undistorted and clear.


8. Never incorporate or combine any of our trade marks into another product name, company name or logo unless you have our prior written consent.


9. Never use any of our trade marks in a domain name, an email address, a social media account name, an Internet search term, an Internet keyword, a meta tag, hidden text in a webpage or in any other manner on the Internet unless you have our prior written consent.


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Copyright Works

The Club creates a huge amount of copyright-protected material on a daily basis, ranging from hospitality brochures, to the text of match reports to photographs of our players.


In each case, the works and materials created are owned by the Club and are automatically protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.


Any use of any of our copyright works without our express permission will not be tolerated.


If you are not sure whether you are using our intellectual property correctly, please contact us by using the details at the bottom of this page.


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Our Trade Marks

The list of trademarks is ever developing, due to this fact we have removed the listing of the actual trademarks from our site.


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Contacting The Club Regarding Intellectual Property

All communications around the brand, trademarks and intellectual property should be directed in writing to the official designated agent at the club.

Please email website@nufc.co.uk  or click below.




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