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All current season ticket holders, part season ticket holders and those who purchased a six-game package have now been issued with renewal forms. All completed renewal forms must be received by May 31, 2013.


Sign Up To A New Eight-Year Scheme


Following the success of Newcastle United's ten-year and nine-year fixed price season ticket deal, the Club have announced a new eight-year price freeze deal starting from next term, allowing supporters to guarantee the price of their season ticket for another eight years.

This great offer is open to those who currently hold a full or part season ticket, as well as those who purchased a six-game package.

The eight-year scheme offers the option to opt out each year should personal circumstances change, and supporters can pay annually or monthly by direct debit.

Full information regarding the scheme and how to sign up can be found in the renewal packs that were recently distributed. Anyone who has not received their pack, or who has lost their forms, can use the forms below to renew their ticket.


Renew Your Ticket For One Season Only


In addition to the eight-year scheme, supporters can also sign up to a standard one-year season ticket. This can be done by completing the forms below, by returning the forms included in the renewal packs or by calling the Box Office on 0844 372 1892.


If you do not currently hold a season ticket but wish to purchase a season ticket for the 2013-14 season, please click here


Renewing When On A Ten-Year Or Nine-Year Scheme


Those who have previously signed up to the ten-year or nine-year scheme do not need to take any action as their ticket will be automatically renewed. A new season card will be distributed in time for the new season.


Moving To A New Seat


Anyone who is looking to move seats can request this by completing the 'SEAT MOVES ' section on the renewal forms that have recently been distributed.

Anyone who has not received a renewal pack can request a seat move by completing the RENEWAL FORM that can be downloaded by clicking here.


Cancelled Tickets and Non-Renewals


Anyone who has cancelled their ticket but wishes to revoke their cancellation can do so before May 31, 2013. To revoke a cancellation, please email or call 0844 372 1892.


Final Renewal Deadline


All renewal forms and seat move requests must be received by Friday, 31st May 2013. Any forms received after this time cannot be guaranteed.


Renewal Forms


All renewal packs have now been distributed. Anyone who has lost their form or did not receive their renewal pack can complete the forms below to renew their ticket. Renewals must be received by May 31, 2013.

Season Ticket Renewal Form 
Direct Debit Form
Price List & Stadium Plan 
Terms and Conditions

Please return your competed form to:
Season Ticket Renewals
Newcastle United Football Club
PO Box 315
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE99 1ZN


Contact Us


If you would like any further information regarding your season ticket or renewal, contact the Box Office on 0844 372 1892 between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


Owning A Season Ticket


A Newcastle United season ticket is the easiest way to save money and guarantee your seat at every home fixture.
Owning a Newcastle United season ticket offers a wide range of benefits, including:
• A guaranteed ticket for every home match of the season in your own, reserved seat
• Up to 10% discount compared to buying a ticket to every match
• Entry to Newcastle United's official membership scheme, which offers a range of discounts and benefits
• Priority access to tickets for all away matches
• The ability to collect loyalty points to qualify for Newcastle United's Gold and Platinum membership packages
• Free attendance to all NUFC reserve team fixtures
• The ability to sign up for a monthly direct debit to spread the cost of your season ticket