Jonas Gutierrez

In the latest edition of our popular feature, taken from the matchday programme against Manchester United, Newcastle's stars talk candidly about their life on and off the pitch. Next up is midfielder Jonas Gutierrez, who reveals all about Messi, music and obeying his mum…


I sit in between Fabricio Coloccini and Davide Santon in the changing room.

It won't come as much of a surprise that I sit next to Colo as everyone knows we are very good friends.

We have a great relationship and it is good to have another Argentinean player in the team.

We arrived in Newcastle in the same year, we have lived the same moments at the Club and it helped us both settle in the area.

When you arrive somewhere new it is tough, and it was difficult both on and off the pitch.

But we enjoy a lot of time together, and to be with Colo was really important and helped us -and our families - get used to living in England.


I love the job I have.

It was my big dream when I was young, so I enjoy every morning when I get out of bed.

I know I am going into the training ground and I love it. I always make sure I am early so that Colo and I can sit and talk a lot about football, sport and life.

When I was growing up I started to learn about this sort of life and made sure I stayed focussed on achieving what I wanted.

It was always about football for me and helping my family through that.

When you believe in what you want, you focus and keep trying to do your best then things are going to happen to you.


I had a few heroes when I was a child, mainly old Argentina players.

Maradona was one as he was something unbelievable, something different.

When I started playing for Velez Sarsfield, they had a few players who I listened to and looked up to - Fernando Pandolfi and José Basualdo.

They were two fantastic players and big personalities who helped me a lot when I broke into the first team, and so they are heroes to me.


I have played with and against some great players over the years, but the best in both category is Lionel Messi. It's very simple.

Playing with him for Argentina, against him in national training or against him for Mallorca, he is an amazing player.

Out of all the players in the world, Messi is something different and a few steps ahead of them all.

The things he does with the ball and the way he carries it is something that I have never seen before.

You have amazing players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but no-one compares to Messi.

That is why he won three Ballons d'Or in three years - he is that good.

I have a few superstitions - things I make sure I do every day that I will never change.

The first is that I always use the same shower at the stadium and the training ground.

Then, I always put my right boot on before my left and, finally, when I step onto the pitch I make sure it is with my right foot.


I love music.

It is a very important part of my life, I always listen to music because it makes me happy.

Life is more enjoyable when you have music on and you are singing along to it!

Every morning I wake up at 7.30am and by 7.45am the music has started.

I put it on in the changing room too, and I'm not sure whether the other players appreciate the Argentinean stuff!

But I don't have just one favourite type of music - I can listen to anything.

I also like to spend as much time as possible with my family when I am not playing football.

Of course, that is difficult over here because I don't have my full family with me, but I am with my girlfriend and my little girl and I enjoy the time I spend with them.

As well as that I like to read books and watch movies at the cinema.


I enjoy playing at our stadium here at Newcastle.

When you see the fans filling the stands - they always come and they always support whether things are going well or not so good.

It is special that they are always here with us, and that makes the players feel good. The fans here are so important.

Away from England, I liked playing at the Bernabeu at the Camp Nou when I was in Spain.

They are two stadiums that I had the opportunity to play in and I feel very honoured to have done that.


I achieved one of my biggest dreams when I represented Argentina in the 2010 World Cup.

I wanted to win it but it wasn't the best outcome that I had imagined. This is football though.

I am now focussed on putting things right and hopefully having the chance to play for Argentina again.

But I know I have to do the right things here first and if I am doing that then my international opportunity will come.


I have captained Newcastle recently and that has been a very big honour for me.

But I also don't like it because our captain is Colo, so when I am wearing the armband it means he is not playing!

That is not good because everyone knows how good a player Colo is for us.

But I do enjoy being captain of Newcastle. I have never been a captain before so I am enjoying it and trying to do my best

You have more responsibilities and I am trying to lead the team, to talk with the players and to improve myself every game.


I don't have any tattoos.

That is probably quite rare for a footballer!

The reason is that my mother doesn't like them, so why would I do something that my mother doesn't like?

It is something that I don't think I would enjoy either!

The day I have a tattoo will be when there is something so special, because I don't understand people who have tattoos that make no sense or makes no difference.


I try to make sure I am always enjoying life and always smiling.

Sometimes you have moments where you think that everything is wrong and you are not happy, but you have to quickly take that out of your mind.

You can never know what the future holds, but if you want something then you can make it happen.

That is how I try to live my life - in a positive way.

When I look back at the past I want to be able to say that I have always believed in things, tried to better myself and tried to do things right.