Steven Taylor

In the second instalment of his new blog, exclusive to, Steven Taylor explains what caused Cheik Tiote to cry like a baby girl and reveals why the squad's competitive edge will stand them in good stead for a tough game against Spurs...

In my last blog, I mentioned that we were going paintballing as a squad and it was a really good team-bonding session.

Things like that keep everybody together and it went down well. I think the lads enjoyed it and we also went for a meal afterwards, which was a nice touch.

There was a bit of banter with the players and staff and a good time was had by all. It was competitive, though - everything's competitive, no matter what we do! We're winners and everybody wants to do well.

Everyone was trying to shoot people and it was fantastic.

Funnily enough, Cheik Tiote is an animal on the pitch but cried like a baby girl in the paintballing! As soon as he gets a little bit of pain from a paint pellet, he doesn't like it. I've never heard anyone scream so loud!

Then this week we also had a golf tournament between players and staff which was more of the same.

That was competitive too. Everyone wants to be the winner. Alan Smith picked up the trophy but I think everyone did alright. Most people played more or less to their handicap.

It was a good laugh. Some of them take it really seriously and think they're the next Tiger Woods but it was fun for the lads. And it puts that winning mentality into our boys, which is what it's all about.

That has shown this week, when a few of the lads have been away on international duty but training has remained very intense.

We had to keep on top of it. You can't turn off at this level and we've been put through our paces. Maybe in times gone by, the lads would have taken that little step back but the gaffer's made it clear that he wants us to keep that levels up.

And that's vital because Tottenham is going to be a massive test for us on Sunday.

They've got one of the best attacks in the Premiership so it's going to be very difficult, but we've done okay so far and hopefully that we can take that into the Tottenham game.