Bob Moncur and Daniel Douglas

As our latest Money-Can't-Buy prize, Club Members were recently given the chance to dine with Fairs Cup-winning captain Bob Moncur before last weekend's Barclays Premier League home fixture against Liverpool.

Daniel Douglas was drawn out, and took his father to St. James' Park, where the pair joined Bob on his table in the hospitality lounge named in his honour, before watching the match from some of the best seats in the house.

This is Daniel's story...

On receiving the news from that I had won the Money-Can't-Buy prize, meaning a seat in the Directors Box and on Bobby Moncur's table of legends, I was as excited as a child on Christmas Eve.

But who should I take as my guest? There was really only one answer and that lucky second person was my father. As a kid growing up, I was constantly told the tales from my dad of the Fairs Cup and 1974 FA Cup run, so I thought he would enjoy meeting one of his heroes.

To the day itself, and I collected the tickets from the Milburn reception before being escorted to the Bob Moncur suite, where I was introduced to the man himself and his wonderful wife Camille, who hosted the table.

I then went pitchside to have my photo taken with Bob and it also was pointed out that my name was going around the ground on the LED advertising boardings. I just wish i could have seen my name up in lights at St. James' Park at the age of 16 and not 36!

We were then given a brief tour inside the tunnel, media suites and other executive areas. This was also a great experience as I rubbed shoulders with Anderson, Beardsley, Robson, Waddle, Macdonald, Kennedy and many more ex-players.

The Directors Box seats were the best I have ever sat in at a match and more comfortable than any other season ticket locations I have had over the past 21 years.

I would like to thank Partnerships Executive Ollie Stapleton in particular for his generosity on the day and the time he afforded to both myself and my father. I would certainly recommend entering if you can.