Mehdi Abeid

In his second blog, written exclusively for, Mehdi Abeid reveals his delight at his first competitive goal for Newcastle and explains how Haris Vuckic has helped him settle into life in a new country...

My goal against Wigan on Tuesday was my first competitive goal for Newcastle, and I was really happy with that.

Last month, I scored two against York in a friendly but this was my first in the Barclays Premier Reserve League.

I like to shoot from long distance so I try it when I can, and on this occasion I scored so that was very pleasing.

I'm trying to score more and be more effective for the team - I'd like to score in every game if I can - and I'll hope to score another one in the next Reserve game, which is away to Sunderland!

When I scored my goal, I celebrated with Haris Vuckic, just as we celebrated together when he scored in the pre-season tour of America.

We have our own celebration because we spend a lot of time together. We live near each other and when he needs something, he comes to mine and if I need something I go to his. We're really good friends.

And it was good because we both scored in the game against Wigan so we got to do the celebration twice!

I was very pleased for Haris because he broke his hand on his Premier League debut against Fulham and has only just come back from the injury. But he played very well and we're really happy that he's back.

Last week I was on the bench for the first-team at Blackburn in the Carling Cup, which was fantastic.

I didn't get to come on but that's the choice of the gaffer and I understand. I'll keep working to get more time on the pitch after making my debut against Nottingham Forest in the same competition.

It was an excellent game to watch, though! We lost 4-3, of course, but it was a really exciting game with a lot of suspense and a lot of goals. It was impossible to say who was going to win.

So even though we lost, it was a good game to be part of. We deserved to win but that's life and that's football. Sometimes you do well but you don't win, but it was still great to be involved.

I look forward to playing with the first-team some more in the future. It's the reason why I came here and I just hope to keep doing well and play again for the first-team to show what I can do.

It's been a great move for me and I'm really happy in the city. I like to go out with friends, go shopping and to go to the cinema. The only thing I don't get to do here is play tennis, because I don't know where to play!

Before I started playing football, I played tennis but then I made the choice to play football. But I really like to play tennis. When I go back to Paris, I play every time. It's my second sport which I like to watch and to play.

I still visit France when I have a few days off, and it's good to see my family. I hope to go and see them during the international break next week. But Newcastle is a great place to live and I'm very happy with my life here.