Sick of paying a fortune for phone calls? Tired of having dodgy coverage? With NUFC Mobile, you don't need to worry about any of that.

NUFC Mobile is a pay as you go network exclusive to Newcastle United fans. With texts from 5p per message, calls from 5p per minute and internet access from 11p per MB, you'll be able to get in touch with family and friends at a rate that's up to 50% cheaper than any other major UK networks.

You'll also benefit from a range of further benefits, including 98.8% UK coverage, special offers and discounts. To welcome you to NUFC Mobile we're also offering £10 free credit when you top up £20 or more.



NUFC Mobile Tarrifs

Calls to the same network
5p per min 25p per min 25p per min 10p per min 25p per min
Calls to other networks
11p per min 25p per min 25p per min 25p per min 25p per min
Calls to landlines
11p per min 25p per min 25p per min 20p per min 25p per min
SMS to the same network
5p per text 12p per text 12p per text 10p per text 12p per text
SMS to other networks
11p per text 12p per text 12p per text 10p per text 12p per text
MMS Messages
25p 30p 36p 20p 30p
11p per min 25p per min 20p per min 20p per min 15p per min
Date Charges
11p per MB

£2 per day
(25MB limit)

£1 per day
(25MB limit)

£1 per day
(25MB limit)

£1 per day

Call rates apply when calling other SIM cards on the same network. Rates are subject to change and are checked and updated monthly. UK only rates are shown.


NUFC-Graphic-coverage  NUFC-Graphic-2_01NUFC-Graphic-2_02

Click here to check coverage in your area.


Your Mobile Number & Number Porting
Your SIM card will have its own mobile phone number which you will receive via a text message once you have made your first call. However, you can of course keep an existing number if you wish.

If you wish to port your existing mobile number to NUFC Mobile, please refer to your SIM packaging for full instructions on how to do this or call us on 500 from your NUFC Mobile SIM card.


Need An iPhone Micro Sim?
If you have an iPhone and require a micro-sim card for your unlocked device, all you have to do is apply for the NUFC Mobile sim pack and once this is received contact NUFC Mobile customer services by emailing or by calling 0845 286 3709. We will arrange for your account to be sent a micro-sim to be used in your iPhone.


Getting Started
In order to use your NUFC Mobile SIM, you will need to place this in either an unlocked or Orange handset. If your handset is locked to another network provider you will need to get this unlocked before you can use the SIM. There are several ways to do this, including:

• Contacting your current network provider to obtain your handset unlocking code
• By visiting a local mobile phone shop that offers a handset unlocking service.

Once you've inserted the SIM into your phone, you're ready to go - simply make your first phone call and we'll automatically activate your phone for you.

Once you have received your activation text message including your mobile phone number, please remember to turn your phone off and back on again.

You will then see NUFC Mobile as your network provider on your home screen. This means you're all set up and can show your support for the Toon Army!


Topping Up
Topping up your NUFC Mobile couldn't be simpler. All you need to do is visit any PayPoint or Payzone location.

To find your nearest PayPoint top up click here or for nearest PayZone click here.

You can top up your phone with any amount from £5.

Once you have purchased your voucher you can activate this in two easy ways:

1. Call 1250 and select option 2 to input your voucher (PIN code) that will be on your top up receipt.
2. Text your voucher (PIN code) code to 1250.


Help is at Hand
If you have any difficulties with your NUFC Mobile, you can get in touch with our UK call centres. Advisors there are fully trained to solve any problem you may have.

You can call us on 0845 286 3709 or dial 500 from your NUFC Mobile. You can also contact us via email at


Special Offers
As a thank you from NUFC Mobile, we'll send a range of exclusive special offers and discounts straight to your mobile phone, so you won't miss out!



£10.00 free credit - upon your first top up of £20.00, NUFC Mobile will automatically give you £10.00 free credit as an introductory offer to welcome you to our network.


Refer A Friend And Save
You can also receive a further £5.00 free top-up for referring a friend to NUFC Mobile. Once your friend has purchased their SIM card, which can be bought at one of our Official Club Stores or via our online site by clicking here, email with yours and your friend's full name and NUFC Mobile Number. Your credit will then be applied.  Remember, calls and text between NUFC Mobile members are only 5p so refer as many friends as you can!


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions


Useful Numbers and Contacting Us

You can access your voicemail by calling 555 from your NUFC Mobile.

Topping Up & balance check
To check your balance - call 1250 option 1
To apply your top up - call 1250 option 2 with your voucher (PIN) code ready

Contact NUFC Mobile
Call 500 from your NUFC Mobile SIM card.
Call 0845 286 3709. Our call centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm.