GNR 13 1

On Sunday 20 runnners will complete the 13.1 mile journey from Newcastle to South Shields, while raising funds for Newcastle United Foundation.

Foundation Project Officer Glen Taylor, a qualified personal trainer, will be on the starting line alongside 40,000 other runners and has come up with five top tips for completing the course safely:

1.Make Friends

Run with a friend or a fellow runner who is running for the same charity. This competitive edge will give you that momentum to keep pushing yourself and when the going gets tough they can help you through.

2. Eat wise

Do not eat any later than 1 hour and 30 minutes before the race, eating too close to the start time can cause cramps and stomach aches.

3. Be tactical

Don't look too far ahead as this can make the run daunting, pick out check points and make those your aim, which means you could divide the run into four parts. The Great North Run is fairly hilly so don't go gung ho and lose all your momentum. If you have a certain time in mind, which you have achieved in previous training sessions, you can run alongside a pacemaker who is aiming for a specific time.

4. Go for comfort

Don't go and buy some sparkling new trainers on Saturday morning for the big race, it's important your feet are used to the trainers you have done all your training in.

5. Keep hydrated

It's important you are hydrated adequately pre-race but vitally important you get a toilet break in just before the race as those minutes could be crucial to your final time.

Good Luck!