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Sharing is great and here at St. James' Park we want to involve you the fans more... wherever and however. On this page you will find different ways to connect with your club and also read up on all the news and offers from us and our official partners.






Join the thousands of supporters on Facebook who have liked our official fan page we have all the latest news, videos and images posted to our wall. Remember to like our page and check that you are receiving all updates. You can like and share the official stories that we post to the page and if you have a question either one of our staff will try to answer your query of the knowledgeable Toon Army are always on hand.

You can also check in to St. James' Park by using your mobile and searching for us, you can visit the place's page on Facebook by clicking here.


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Our press department who are with the team at all times post directly to our Twitter so you never know when you mught just getto see an exclusive picture or tweet from one of the players. Alongside these posts we also push all the official news, offers and videos to Twitter, similar to Facebook.

If you want to know which of our players and management team are on Twitter, then look no further, the official Twitter account follows all the members of the team and this way you can see which player account is genuine or fake.


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Google Plus


The increasingly popular Google Plus allows you to manage everything you do for Google in one place so a lot of our fans love to be able to see our posts appear in their news feed. Plus-one our page by clicking here once you hace logged in. 

You will then have joined the thousands of supporters who already receive all the usual posts that appear in Facebook and Twitter but now in your own Google Plus news feed.


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To accompany our official and exclusive nufcTV which you can join for as little as 11p per day, we have our own official YouTube channel...

Subscribe to our videos and you will be notified everytime we post a new one, the club post trailers to our DVD's, post match snapshots of the exclusive interviews you can find on nufcTV and also any FREEVIEW video the club produces will also be posted here too.


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We carefully pick the best images that are taken everyday and at each match by our official photographers and showcase the pictures in all their glory in our galleries, you can visit these now by clicking here.

We also upload pictures whilst the match is being played, these extra exclusive images can be found only in our Matchday Centre and you can visit the latest one by clicking here. As well as images you can also see stats, line-ups and LIVE ball-by-ball text commentary.

The club hold all their public images in Flickr so whenever you want to see them all you can visit our photostream, you can also submit your own images for the Supporter Gallery.


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If you are a business or someone who is linked to the club professionally or even one of our Corporate Hospitality customers, then you can find our more information about Newcastle United and join our network on Linkedin. Visit our company profile page for more information


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