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Football generates worldwide appeal greater than any other which translates to television audiences that run into the hundreds of millions on an annual basis. The average Barclays premier league game averages an audience of 1.2 million and over 9.3 million households and 1.5 million Public house having access to Sky and ESPN. The estimated worldwide viewing figures averages 220 million across the 204 countries screening the games and estimated viewing figures per game is 32.6 million.


Newcastle United's advertising and sponsorship department has a wide range of ways your organisation can benefit from an association with us, a club with over 1 million fans visiting St. James' Park per season, 52,000 home fans each game and a club rich with history and tradition.


Newcastle United offer a comprehensive and professional catalogue of advertising and promotional opportunities including ground advertising boards, programme advertising, sponsorship packages and much more, all of which can be tailored to your individual needs. We endeavor to work closely with you to help you achieve your objectives. To discuss the latest opportunities to promote your business, contact the commercial team on 



Programme Advertising


Matchday programme advertising is the perfect way to advertise to both home and away fans. Unlike newspaper advertising, programmes are collectors' items for fans both at the match and from the Club shop on a daily basis. We offer full page colour advertising which provides you with the option of changing your advert per game throughout the season.


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Ground Advertising


There are a number of pitchside advertising opportunities with the benefit of 90 minutes of exposure in comparison to 30 seconds for a television commercial.


Sites are primarily available as 20ft x 2ft 6 or 18ft x 2ft in the prime TV facing areas.


If your target audience is within the ground and the 52,000 thousand fans attending each match and during the week, then there are specifically crowd-facing sites for you to promote your brand. With a choice of stands and locations crowd facing pitchside boards are the ideal way for attracting local and away supporters to your business.


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