Newcastle United supporters are to be thanked by Barclays for the dedicated support they show to their Club and the Barclays Premier League at Saturday's home fixture against Manchester United.

A special 'Thank You Squad' will be challenging fans to demonstrate their loyalty and passion at St. James' Park and thanking them with a number of rewards. It is part of a Barclays effort to thank football fans across the country for supporting their clubs through thick and thin.

Among the acts of dedication the Thank You Squad will be looking out for are fans who get to the ground early to start building the pre-game atmosphere, those who dress up or wear face paint in tribute to the Magpies, those who sing the loudest and generally those fans giving the Club unstinting support.

A Barclays spokesperson said: "Newcastle United fans follow their Club with dedication and passion.

"They deserve to have their stories celebrated and rewarded for the efforts they make to follow their Club through all the ups and down that the season brings. The fans help to make the Barclays Premier League what it is today."

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