Newcastle United today thanked their army of travelling supporters for their exemplary behaviour and support whilst in Belgium for last night's Europa League fixture against Club Brugge.

Over 5,000 fans made the short trip to Belgium with around half in the stadium and the other half watching the match in bars and on the big screen in the city centre.

The vast majority of supporters were extremely well behaved, acting as excellent ambassadors for the Club and contributing to a great day in Bruges before, during and after the game. Supporters who weren't able to gain access to the stadium were understandably frustrated to see so many empty seats on the televised coverage and yet remained in good spirits in the city centre.

It was disappointing that supporters who had a ticket for the game had to endure a longer than expected escorted walk to the stadium but, despite that, their behaviour throughout was admirable.

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew said: "Our fans respected the people and city of Bruges and helped contribute to a great atmosphere in and around the city as well as inside the stadium and we thank them for that.

"The support our Club receives day in, day out, wherever we play, is absolutely magnificent and gives the players a massive lift. That cannot be underestimated and without doubt they are a huge credit to the Club and to the city of Newcastle."