On Thursday, 8th November Newcastle United will come to Bruges, Belgium, for the Europa League game against Club Brugge and the city authorities and the police of Bruges are happy to welcome both the team and its fans.

Bruges (local name Brugge) is a historical town with a lively city centre. The entire heart of Bruges is Unesco patrimony. Bruges receives some 3,5 million tourists per year and the city authorities are sure Newcastle fans will enjoy the atmosphere and hospitality of the town.

To make their stay as comfortable as possible, some measures have been taken and some information has been spread. You can find this information here:

- A meeting point will be installed in the very centre of the town, on the Market Place on 8th November, from 12 noon till 6pm local time.
Ticketholders will be informed in due time where and when they are expected to gather in order to be accompanied from the Market Place (local name Markt) to the stadium, some miles further uptown.

- Fans who do not have a ticket are not expected to go or be anywhere near the football stadium. When spotted in the vicinity of the stadium, they will be sent away.

- Tickets have to be bought beforehand. They cannot be bought the day of, nor the day preceeding the football game. Tickets are sold only by Newcastle United. The sale of tickets on the black market is strictly prohibited and an offence against the Belgian football law.
On demand of the Burgomaster and the Head of Police of Bruges, 900 extra tickets have been made available. Totalling 2600 tickets for Newcastle fans the minimal UEFA-standards are thus amply met.

- It is prohibited to carry glass bottles or other glass recipients in streets or public places.

- In streets and public places (for ticketholders: including the football stadium) everyone is required to carry a proof of identity at all times. This document must be produced upon request of a police officer.

- The police will stay in contact with the Newcastle fans through Twitter, hashtag #CLUNEW. The general hastag is #politiebrugge.

- The police will gladly assist fans who have questions or need assistance.
The emergency phone number is 112. For non-urgent matters call 003250448844.