Danny Simpson with his Danny Boy app

By Dan King - Newcastle United Club Reporter

His vital goal-line clearance against Manchester United last weekend was like something out of a computer game - and now Danny Simpson has launched a new Apple app starring himself.

Danny Boy is released on 1st December on the Apple App Store, and will be playable on platforms including the iPad, iPhone and iTouch. He has spent several months making sure it's just right, and has already tested it out on several of his Magpies team-mates.

Created in the style of classic platform games like Super Mario and Sonic The Hedgehog, it is an enjoyably addictive game, and Simpson was proud to be able to show it off for the first time to nufc.co.uk.

"It's an avatar of me and he's in the streets, sort of going along the way Mario does - going along the screen and trying to get to the end," explained the defender. "But he's kicking a football and he's trying to collect as many coins as he can, with various obstacles in his path.

"There are burgers, and if you eat burgers they'll slow you down. But there are also power drinks, which speed you up, and the aim is to get to the end otherwise you lose a life and have to start again.

"You have to try to get as many coins as you can, as quickly as you can, and try to pick up stars along the way to move onto the next level.

"There are four stages, with eight levels in each stage, so there are 32 different games to play on it in total. But if everything goes well then there'll be other stages that people can download.

"I've been involved in it a lot and it's designed for kids and grown-ups to download and hopefully enjoy. To be involved in my own game was good fun and I was glad I got the opportunity to do it, so hopefully people will see that."

Ahead of its official release, Simpson has already shared the game around the Newcastle dressing room and received positive feedback.

And he revealed: "Some of the lads have been playing it already and Demba Ba has set up a competition to see who will finish it first.

"Frazier Campbell at Sunderland, he's been playing it as well. A lot of the lads have. They're all enjoying it - but hopefully I'll be able to complete it before them seeing as it's my game!

Danny Simpson with his Danny Boy app

"I'm one of those people who is always downloading all different kinds of games and apps.

"Footballers love games and I'm no different. It's something I enjoy and something I spend a lot of time off the pitch doing.

"I love playing FIFA and Call of Duty, and I've just got Need For Speed. I play golf games, boxing games, just any type of game - although I'm not too great at the boxing games. I always seem to get beat on those ones.

"It doesn't matter what type of game it is. I play against people I grew up with, my team-mates, mates from other clubs; we spend a lot of time away from football and it's just something to take your mind off it.

"We're just big kids like everyone else. And with footballers, there's always that competitive element. You always want to beat each other and have some banter in the dressing room the next day.

"If I beat one of the lads the night before on FIFA, then the next day everyone will know about it. And it'll definitely be the same with Danny Boy!"

Danny Boy is released on Thursday, 1st December on the Apple App Store, costing 69p.