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By Dan Sheridan - Newcastle United Managing Editor

Over the years, Newcastle United have worn no fewer than five different Club badges on their famous shirts. But surprisingly, it wasn't until 1969 that the Magpies adapted their very own.

From the Club's beginnings in 1881 up to the late 1960s, the use of a Club crest was very much an infrequent affair, with Newcastle-upon-Tyne's coat of arms featuring at the occasional cup final or special event.

Squad photos up until the 1969/70 season clearly demonstrate the lack of a badge, with simple black and white stripes on display for almost 80 years, but all that changed in the months that followed our Fairs Cup win.

And as Club Historian Paul Joannou explains, the evolution of United's emblem has brought about some significant changes over the years.

"The history of the Club crest and how it has developed is an interesting story," he says.

"For the first 75 years or so, we didn't actually have a badge as such, but once the Club started reaching cup finals and the like, we started using the city's coat of arms.

"But it wasn't until much later, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, that United decided to have their own specific badge and we've seen a succession of different designs ever since.

Macolm Macdonald

"The first one was essentially a variant of the coat of arms, with a black and white shield flanked by two magpies as well as the more recognisable castle and flag from the original.

"We then experimented with an all-new circular design in 1976, which featured three different themes that represented the Club, namely the magpie, the River Tyne and the city's castle.

"There was then a spell in the 1980s when a more scaled-down design was used that simply used the letters 'NUFC' and this proved to be very popular.

"The current one was put in place in 1988 and is very much modelled on the city of Newcastle's coat of arms once more. It has become very well known in its own right and is more traditional."

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