A South-West stand executive box

Newcastle United have today confirmed that they will be offering a price freeze on all executive boxes at St. James' Park - as well as an opportunity to secure a box for four years.

Prices for the 2011-2012 season will be the same as last term's prices, while the new four-year deal allows customers to purchase a box at a reduced fixed rate over four years. Committing to the four-year deal, without the option to opt out, has the added benefit of upgraded seats outside the box, with the club installing new luxury leather padded seating. However there is also an option to opt out of the agreement after two years.

This means a 10-seater executive box in the South West Corner stand is available for £20,000+VAT, and an eight-seater for just £16,000+VAT for the forthcoming season.

Sharon Fletcher, the club's Head of Corporate Sales, said: "We are absolutely delighted with what we are able to offer our clients this season.

"The option of a one-year price freeze on the current Premier League prices and the option of a four-year opt out deal is great news. The feedback we have had from existing box holders is fantastic."

For further information please contact the Corporate Sales team on 0844 372 1892 opt 3 or email sharon.fletcher@nufc.co.uk or richard.routledge@nufc.co.uk